Welcome! This website offers a catalog of the musical compositions of Walter S. Hartley, professor emeritus of Music at State University College, Fredonia, New York. The links below lead to tables of works for particular instrumentations, master lists of all Dr. Hartley's compositions, and to information about publishers and recordings of his works.
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About This Site

This website offers a complete, continuously updated catalog of the musical compositions of Walter S. Hartley. It also contains supplementary information about the publication and recording of his works. The lists have been compiled from Dr. Hartley's own records and with his cooperation.

Each of the nearly 300 compositions in this website has a unique catalog number. Arrangements of others' work by Dr. Hartley receive catalog numbers beginning in the 900's and so are grouped separately at the end of most lists.

The tables of works for or featuring particular instruments list all the works that call for that kind of instrument regardless of what other instruments they require. Thus, for example, "Duet" for flute and tuba (Catalog #51) appears on both the Woodwinds and the Brass page. Works not captured on any of the other lists appear in the table of works for "Other Instruments and Voice."

The Publishers page contains contact information for the various publishers of Dr. Hartley's works. The Recordings page contains information about commercial recordings. A work that has been issued as a recording will have a "Yes" in the "Recording?" column of its record. The catalog does not keep track of whether a particular recording or published version of a work has gone out of print.

Further information about unpublished pieces may be obtained by contacting the composer: shartley3@carolina.rr.com. Comments, questions, and updates of information may be addressed to webmaster@walterhartley.com.

Biographical Introduction

WALTER S. HARTLEY (born February 21, 1927, Washington, D.C.) began composing at age five and became seriously dedicated to it at sixteen. All his college degrees are from the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester. He received his Ph.D. in composition there in 1953. Some of his teachers were Burrill Phillips, Thomas Canning, Herbert Elwell, Bernard Rogers, Howard Hanson and Dante Fiorillo.

At present he is Professor Emeritus of Music Fredonia State University, Fredonia, N.Y. He also taught piano, theory and composition at the National Music Camp (now Interlochen Arts Camp) at Interlochen, Michigan from 1956 to 1964.

His list of acknowledged works is now over 200, dating from 1949 on, and most of these are published. He is a member of the American Society for Composers, Authors and Publishers, from which he has received an annual award for achievement in serious music since 1962.

His music has been performed by many ensembles, including the National Symphony Orchestra, Oklahoma City Symphony, Eastman-Rochester Orchestra and the Eastman Wind Ensemble. His Chamber Symphony of 1954 was commissioned by the Koussevitsky Foundation, his Concert Overture for orchestra received a prize from the National Symphony Orchestra in 1955, and his Sinfonia No. 3 for brass choir won for him the 1964 Conn Award. Since then he has received many commissions from college and high school musical organizations. A lately published orchestral work, Symphony No. 3, was commissioned by the Greater Buffalo (NY) Youth Orchestra; several band works were commissioned by U.S. service bands. There have been many recordings.

He and the former Sandra Mount have been married since June 17, 1960 (two daughters, five grandchildren).

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